“During this pandemic, we have become more stressed, based on the events happening in the world. Animals can help us cope with our stress and anxiety. Supporting adoption of animals from shelters is a great way to start.”

-Team Leader, Ed W. Clark High School, 2020-2021

Serve.Learn.Inspire. Classroom Engagement Program


  • Total number of schools and/or programs participating: 66
    • Total reflects 18 schools and two programs, several of which have participated for multiple years.
  • Total number of Faculty Champions engaged: 118
    • Total reflects annual participation, with several Faculty Champions participating more than one year.
  • Total number of classrooms visited:  149
    • Total number of students participating in Serve.Learn.Inspire instruction: 4,701
    • Students engaged in classroom visits: 4,351
    • Students engaged in 2016 “We R Community” conference, sponsored by the Public Education Foundation: 350

Gratitude Awards Program


The number of people directly served by/benefitting from projects ranged from five (e.g., Cheyenne High School peer mentoring program) to more than 150 (e.g., Las Vegas Academy’s mentoring/tutoring/workshop training for school musical student auditions at Walter V. Long STEAM Academy) to several hundred (e.g., C.P. Squires Elementary School’s fundraiser and product drive for Baby’s Bounty). These students were honored during PublicServiceNV recognition events at their schools.

  • Total number of projects receiving Gratitude Awards: 26
    • Total number of students recognized: 212
  • Total number of projects receiving “Certificates of Contribution”: 24
    • Total number of students recognized: 114


During the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020-2021, students participated in all learning and civic engagement activities virtually. Those who submitted a completed PublicServiceNV questionnaire about their finalized community service PLANS received certificates or letters and were recognized during virtual class events.

  • Total number of project plans receiving “Certificates of Contribution”: 15
    • Total number of students recognized: 43
  • Total number of project plans receiving “Letters of Participation”: 6
    • Total number of students recognized: 14

PublicServiceNV Donations


  • Number of Nevada nonprofits receiving donations: 62
    • Total number of donations (from $25 to $500 each): 133
  • Number of Nevada schools receiving donations: 43
    • Total number of donations (from $25 to $750 each): 88

Gratitude Awards Digest


Individually distributed to key education leaders (Clark County, NV), 2017-2024: 342

Recognition for PublicServiceNV Programs


PublicServiceNV has earned 113 national/international awards from the following:

  • Communicator Awards (20)
  • Communitas Awards (27)
  • Hermes Creative Awards (33)
  • MarCom Awards (33)

“This service experience showed us how working together can help others, who are in worse situations than we are. Our work affected our community by helping them and showing people in need that other people care about them.”

-Team Leader, Communities in Schools-Western High School, 2021-2022

“Serving our community allowed us to help people, who are directly and indiscriminately shunned, ignored, and harassed because of their health and hygiene needs. Equally important, we found opportunities to provide essential health education to others.”

                                             -Team Leader, Ed W. Clark High School, 2021-2022