students-2Note: The timeline for projects is currently suspended for Fall 2020. The timeline for 2019 is shown below for reference.


August 19 to September 13, 2019

Go to Step 1: Sign Up to indicate your interest in doing a project.

August 19 to September 25, 2019

Go to Step 2: Registration to complete the online Gratitude Awards Program application, Part Two: Registration.

August 19 to December 9, 2019

Go to Step 3: Submission to complete the online Gratitude Awards Program application, Part Three: Submission. This also includes: a log of your volunteer hours, two to four photos, and an optional project video (maximum three minutes).

December, 2019 to January 2020

Evaluation panels meet for all five of the Gratitude Awards Program categories.


February, 2020

PublicServiceNV notifies recipients and Faculty Champions by email.

March to April, 2020

Recognition events at each school, including presentation of certificates.

PublicServiceNV distributes donations to nonprofits and/or schools, as specified by Gratitude Awards Program recipients.

May, 2020

Gratitude Awards Digest distributed to Clark County education officials and leaders.